Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The love story of the snow and the sun

Snow piling on your shoulders, light flakes becoming heavier
& things evolving to something related to the word complicated.

Branches weep, because they are naked.
They shiver in the cold, and no one holds them
to keep them warm.

They think I am too cold to love, the snow cries.
And most certainly it was horrible as she
had fallen in love with the sun.

They are unable to touch each other;
they are unable to make love;
they are unable to hold;

but they love no matter what.

The snow can only watch the sun; she can witness the sun waking up
with a smile, when he sees the snow looking at him with love.

Faded colors, vintage sky and factory smoke
all were jealous of the love story the snow & the sun.

The boats sailed across the world to share the story of the century.
No one in Maldives believed that the sun could fall in love with such a thing as snow.

In the Antarctica no one believed that the snow could ever fall in love
with something that is the deadliest thing to her love.

The boats sailed to places such as Congo, Switzerland and Paraguay.
Branches, the naked and shivering ones, wondered how it was possible.

Wondering people believe in limits, boundaries and restrictions.

The world slips through the fingers of wondering, rational people.

There world is not that complicated --
the snow is in love with the sun.

Simple, as the boats said to the story listeners in Bulgaria.

One day the spring will come, though.
The love story of the snow and the sun is a short story.


  1. ahh... I can so relate to this. This is a beautiful poem. I love your blog :-)

  2. Very inspiring, and might I add your site is beautiful too. LOL Wish I knew some HTML (smile).

    For real beautiful Pictures and wonderful words.