Saturday, March 6, 2010

Helsinki when it is the coldest

A child asks her mother where snow comes from.
She says it comes the sky, from the heaven.
I thought to myself she the sky is her limit.

You took my hand,
and before I knew I fell.

It was my first time ice-skating.

There are boundaries only if you create ones for yourself.
I stood up and fell again.

You laughed.
Kindly with a smile.

They have snow in the churches, too.
You are lying.
No, no, honestly.
You are playing with me.
No, I am completely serious. Go and see for yourself.
They really have snow in the churches? I asked with a great wonder.

And then I remembered...

...there were no boundaries for imagination either.

You loved snow
almost as much you loved me, you had said.

This is Helsinki, you said proudly.
This is where my home --

I wanted to interrupt you and say you live with me now --

was until I met you.

We have some buildings that are unfortunate enough to be unloved
for most their lives...

...and then we have others that only know unloved
as a word, not an emotion.

And you? I asked.

I am the fortunate enough, you replied
and kissed me in the snow.


  1. aww... this is so sweet!! Your blog is so beautiful and so touching!

  2. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for being honest about how you feel about fashion blogs in general. I'm happy that mine does bring you joy.

    I toured around your blog and I really enjoyed the atmosphere you've created - your personal style in words and pictures pushes through in a wonderful way. I enjoy the way you give cities identities, almost like personalities, which they really are. To me Paris, my home city, is a moody grand old lady... smelling Chanel 5 and whisking away on her high heels in a rather nonchalant yet captivating manner.

  3. nitin i love these, and the captions, and the faded look, how do you achieve such a tone? it's so beautiful. i am in love with every single variation of your blue.

  4. fairy tale pictures for someone who lives in a country where one rarely sees snow. :)thanks for commenting on my blog or i would never have found the world you live in ... or you. :) blessed be