Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To destroy everything that matters to you

With the clouds unknown approaches...
And happiness might be just around the corner.

Today I fought with him in a way that it is unforgivable. I said words that carried pain, but not a slightest bit of truth. I spoke things that made no sense to either of us and I saw him crashing down once again. It was not my world that was in the boxing ring getting punched one after another, but his and I was betting, our love on the stake. I have been afraid all the time about the future, living apart from him in the Netherlands that I had started to create a distance between us, building it artificially in order for me to leave easier and be happier in a place where I really don't want to be, but have to be. He tries so hard to get a job in the Netherlands, but time after time he's world is knocked out and instead of me picking it up, I walk upon it. Words slipped out of my mouth, my feeling for you have changed and there was no way to take them back. A hint of doubt was planted in his mind and everything got worse, no matter how many apologizes I write down, what words come out of my throat, how I would pick up his world from the ground, that will be never taken away. He looked at me with eyes that held tears back, you've given up on us haven't you and there's a moment of silence instead of a straight-forward two-lettered word. I love you. I love you, too. Why do you this to me, why do you make me sad? I don't know. Why do you say these things what do you mean? I don't know. What do you want do you want me to leave you do you want us to break up? No, I don't. Tell me what you want please tell me even if you don't love me anymore, please be honest, I think I deserve honesty, even if you don't love me, I don't deserve this, I am a good person N, I love you, I love you endlessly. 

There should be a word for to crumble your loved one's world with the intention of crumbling your love one's world whilst being more in love with your loved one than ever before. 

In English language the term is: madness.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The sun shines in Toledo all day long

She said I was unable to understand what was so beautiful about the skies of Spain, the rundown buildings of Spanish cities and most importantly the men and women who always seem to be madly in love and not afraid of showing their emotions in the bustling streets of Madrid. I visited Spain last month for the first time and I attended a seminar in a small city of Toledo, that was an half hour away from Madrid by high-speed train. Perhaps it was her who wanted me to see Toledo in this period; they celebrated Corpus Christi and fireworks exploded in the blue ocean of the heavens; children painted their faces with Spanish yellow and red; concerts were held in the main square of the city and everyone smiled, laughed and looked happy; streets were blocked for the parade and people stood on each side of the street, the smallest ones trying to see as much as possible; I drank in the castle with people who I had known only for six hours and still I felt like I had known them forever; huge cathedrals rose out of nowhere and the city seemed to be a manifesto of Christianity; liters of Sangria were bought, spilled and drank; the truth about Spain was revealed.

My stay in Toledo included every-night drinking in a parking lot of the cattle; climbing up terribly hills in order to get to the city (and later on to find out that there were escalators to the city); sharing secrets; finding out that Spain was nearly as beautiful as she had been telling me.

Yet there seemed to be something missing constantly -
my love who was in Croatia.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Not alright

at one point our paths crossed in the sky.
but we did not know how to stop moving forward.

Helsinki, December 2008.

  1. find a song that makes you happy. whenever you'd play you'd feel this joy in you. even if only briefly.
  2. post random messages around your hometown. leave a note in the bus saying 'I'd like to be your friend, but I'm too scared'.
  3. go to a tourist information and speak in English with a strong foreign accent. ask ridiculous questions. apologize every minute. tell them that you are from Moldova. smile.
  4. be sad and be happy and be joyful and be jealous and be whatever you want to be as long as you are not afraid of being what you are. it is hard. if nothing else, then be alone. and be what you want to be.
  5. write a letter. write about yourself. things that you like about yourself. things that you like about the world. things that you like. things that make you happy. pick a telephone directory. browsed until you find a name that you really like. take the address and send the letter to that person.
  6. one morning wake up earlier than your mother. make breakfast for her. ask your mother what was her dream when she was young. what did she want to become? what's her favorite color? did she have her own room in her childhood?
  7. take a local bus that you have never taken. take your camera and preferably your friend. talk about the things that you did yesterday. keep your eyes on the view. get out of the bus at a random stop and take another public transportation. get lost. wonder. be with your friend and get to know him/her. don't worry about what will happen. (take a phone, too. just in case, but turn it off.)
  8. go through your old photos. see what you used to be. see what you are now. embrace yourself. love yourself because you came this far. it has been a rough, difficult journey but do realize that you're still standing and breathing and living and that if nothing else is already an accomplishment.
  9. when someone compliments you don't start arguing with the person. accept it. say thank you if you cannot say anything else. imagine that the person was being serious. picture a scenario where a person really enjoys you and likes your work. feel good about it. feel amazing about it. feel free to be a good person.
  10. write a note to yourself. 'everything will be okay' and put it somewhere where you'll see it all the time. because everything will be okay.

Everything should be alright. Yesterday I found out that my new university will offer me a full scholarship covering the tuition fees and the rent.

Yet everything around you & me crumbles.
And the sad man is left to pick up the pieces of things that existed a second ago.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aren't we all running?

let's read books and fall in love with characters, who will not love you back.
zanzibar, 2007.

There is this annoying error in you that makes you want to live the things that you already have experienced once again. You read the things that you have written in the past and no matter how vivid and lively you have tried to make them, they keep continue being words and images in your mind and nothing more. You thought that time that nothing was fine and everything will be better in the future, but when tomorrow comes by and knocks your door you are thinking of yesterday that was vaguely more pleasant if nothing else. You have fallen in love, you have the money and you can stay in a luxurious four-star hotel in the city that you never thought of visiting. However, things get more and more complicated and they say the more experience you have, the better you can handle things, but if you are like me, nothing feels better than idolizing the past, the time where you lived as the time where you live is lacking of something, something necessary - and when you will look back at this day, it all is going to make sense. Now when it is known, you know what to expect. When it is unknown, you know nothing and you say Aren't we all running?

This year I have traveled to Finland twice, visited Belgrade that is the European version of New York City, gone to Graz that is beautiful, been disgusted by Montenegrin Podgorica that is a city where you could film a futuristic film about the global society that has collapsed, smoked marihuana in the war-zone of Sarajevo, annoyed dozens of other tourists in the old city of Dubrovnik, kissed in the rainy Budapest, wondered through alleys of Madrid and still nothing is fine. This year is still this year and it is a problem until it becomes last year, because then I have the real and correct reason to romanticize it. Until then, I suffer through it, fight with your loved one, live in anxiety and be afraid of the future and the only secure thing you seem to have is the past, you curse yourself for not being happier, jollier and other adjectives that are labeled positive when you learn languages. It is a problem that I have - I am constantly yearning the past and unable to live today. I have identified the problem long time ago and it occurs all the time. They say there is no cure for it. You live through it, because there are happy moments in your life. It is just that you don't recognize them until they are over and therefore you are unable to truly enjoy them.

I guess one year I should celebrate the new year in Russian Valivostok, the largest port city on the Pacific Ocean. And as soon as the year changes, I should take a charter flight to Anchorage, Alaska where they would live in the past for me and celebrate the New Year's Eve once again. 

Perhaps then I would realize that the change in days, weeks, months or years makes no difference.