Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heart's heart

You named your first love "Never-ending" and fed him strawberries that you had picked from Pluto. Things were wonderful. You loved him and he loved you. You said I love you and he said I love you back. Things were perfect. Whenever you kissed him your skin shivered and "Never-ending" trembled his hand holding yours. Things were more than perfect.

Whenever you were away from him your heart screamed please let me hear the sounds of my heart that beats in another body please please so I can keep my master's body working. Things fell apart whenever he left and went back home.

Terror visited your lungs and caused chaos and you
shouted at people who were not called "Never-ending",
because nothing else mattered.

Things were slipping away.
You found yourself crying in the bathroom spilling out your guts whenever someone else kissed their "Never-ending", but secretly you thought that you only had "Never-ending", because it had felt so out of the world so out of the cosmos so out of the reality that no one else would know how you would feel.

He was away longer than a day longer than a week longer than a month and things were not only starting to fall apart they were literally drowning in the universe
unable to swim.

Your lungs began to protest rage against the lack of his breath
your liver tasted liquor that you poured down your throat sobriety
had paid her goodbyes on the third day and vice versa. Then they
announced that Mars was not a planet anymore it was the Earth and everyone needed to be evacuated everyone except for those who thought that the Earth was still the Earth and you kept thinking logically that if

"Never-ending" is "Never-ending"
then the Earth is the Earth

the more than perfect things drowned deeper in the trench obnoxiously named "Never-ending" by the scientist who never believed in planets. The monsters you face when you have fallen out when someone forces you to leave the thing you are unable to utter anymore

they creep in your collarbones masqueraded but you recognize them you feel them crawling in your mind and there world shuts down. The monsters with four eyes seven legs twelve hearts eighteen lungs and ninety-five "Never-endings" and the only thing you wanted was
to see him

nothing else
nothing more
nothing less

so your heart could hear the sounds of
its heart that beats in another body.

I have been together with him for a year now & still happy.

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