Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dots in the sky

Hurry hurry, rush rush, run run,
you will miss the train &
then your whole life will collapse.

A minute here and there, I said,
matters nothing if you are with me.

And when you are away, maybe in a train that will bring you to me,
I am unable to think of anything else than how many minutes
there are until I will kiss & hold & touch you again.

We met in a park trees covered with snow as leaves had taken a maternity leave.
That is how you describe the park where time ceased existing for me.

Someone has attached dots to the sky, you told me, when birds flew above us.
I smiled and you took my hand.
The dots move, you continued.
And they did.

We met when winter was the saddest.
It was a long season, longest in several years, they said.
I had lost the count; only you mattered.

The winter never ended -- it snowed, dots moved in the sky & I missed the trains.
When we met winter was the saddest.
When we loved winter was the happiest
& never-ending.


  1. oh wow what did you do to the first photos here to make them so lovely? :)

  2. hm I played with gradients and the layer was set to hard light. it is a cool thing :).