Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Montreal says: If you want me to love you, I will love you

Cars, lights & a beautiful man they all fell and the continue falling.

And the city falls for them.

Yellow, pink and green watch with a curiosity the love story of impossible objects.
See for yourself what makes a love a love.

They all ask from themselves did we get lost in China?

Old, dodgy buildings know more than just one love story that failed on its way to the ending.

She needed someone to love her; he needed someone to love him; when these two objects find each other, it leads to a momentarily satisfaction.

Only the city is infinite; only her feelings stay constant; humans and other objects change their emotions & feelings. And suddenly
falling ceases.


  1. the conclusion is just amazing!
    but it would be sad if it was this way, i think sometimes human's feeling can be constant, such as mother's love to her child - it never goes to an end. true love can't fade away.
    call me naive but that's what I still believe in ;)

  2. this is very beautiful! I love the captions and the shots :-)

  3. dora, i indeed do believe that there is infinite love. this was written long time ago. i'm in love at the moment & i don't think i'll ever fall out of love. he is my life.
    you need naivete in the world to make it more beautiful.