Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Croatian paradise

Rovinj is the European equivalent to Zanzibar, the paradise on the Earth. Run-down windows, decaying walls, speechless windows and streets in which cars are unable to fit now & tomorrow. The town is bursting with joy and laughter and things simply feel good in this city. Cafes sprinkled around the Stari Grad (old town), homemade ice cream with a selection of pistachio and yoghurt and whatever your mind can think of. Italian tourists speaking their own language and the Croatian is tuned down from place to place as they have lost their position as an overwhelming majority in this part of the country. You take the hand of you loved one in secret, because someone could still you & scream something at you, yell, mock, attack, but you are too much in love with the serenity, with the silent words craved in the air for centuries and and most importantly you are too much in love with a person who is everything to your mind & heart & soul. Rovinj holds you tightly & 
everything is alright once again.

They want to be something
-- wandering, lingering.

Once you were not much to look at.
Today you are beautiful.

Take a coffee in this street
-- watch them wandering, lingering
while you sip your coffee & smoke a cigarette.

It goes on & on,
never ends.

And it all is so old, you think.

I think I fell in love with the windows
-- they have told me more than you could ever
said even if you read aloud the dictionary to me.

We all linger, wander.
But we live, too.

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