Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rome stole everything from Pula except for her love

This is not Rome, you whispered.
I know, this is something more.
This is where we met.

I worship no else than you,
no else than you is my God.
Your heart is my altar.

You fantasized about red buildings in
the small alleys of a Croatian coastal city.

You said one day we would have an apartment here
& this would be the place where we would grow old.

Together, I added.

From the balcony we would watch tourists and locals
whispering gossiping chatting yelling discussing
and in the balcony we would be
kissing loving being

Trg means square in Croatian, you guided me.
Volim te means I love you, I said.

Volim te ovaj u trgu.
And everywhere else.

Rome stole everything that this city has,
its heart, its beauty, its life, its world and mind.

You were not right, though.
The city has still its love.

And no one will ever be able to steal it.

What do you say about yellow buildings instead of red buildings?
It doesn't matter as long as you are in the building with me.
What do you then say about yellow buildings in which I am
instead of red buildings in which I am?
You made me laugh.

Windows after windows, they keep telling stories in a strange language
that only two of us could talk -- that's how you & I felt and that's how
you & I will feel forever.

Walking through the gates, your palm reaching out to mine
& and I am not afraid anymore.

Do you see the seagull?
What seagull?
That one, just above the building.
Are you just making fun of me? You know seagulls are extinct,
they kept falling out of love cheating after cheating.
No, I am not! Really it is there!

See, just above the antenna!
I told you so!
But that's impossible, that cannot be....
If you asked others, the love we have is impossible, too.
(I began to be speechless and you just held my hand
& everything made sense.)

(One night when I slept in the red apartment of ours, you left.
You came back and I didn't noticed you being gone.
In the morning you took me out for a walk
& there was a drawing of me in the building.

You told me once again,
you love me.)

(And I was unable to mutter anything back,
I was too lost in words, but you understood
everything & you knew, that

I loved you, too.)

One day we live in a blue house! We simply have to live in all of the prime colors.
As long as you are...

...yes yes, I know, as long as I am with you, you will live anywhere.

Do you know your heart beats for me?

We fell in love with a city whose identity was robbed by Rome,
but whose love was untouchable for anyone & everyone.

(My heart beats only if I you are next to me.)


  1. I will be visiting Croatia in the fall, my first time to ever visit Europe...really to ever visit anything besides a quick trip across the border to Canada and Mexico (I live in Seattle, Washington). I decided to start looking for blogs that describe life in the countries I'm visiting and I stumbled upon your blog. The story here is beautiful, your love for this man timeless and the pictures are telling an amazing story. I just wanted to say thank you :)

  2. You will love Croatia, trust me. It is a breathtaking place with wonderful people. I am so thankful for your comment. It inspired me to write a new post after such a long time.