Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buda & Pest -- A love story

It has been one week since I arrived to Europe after a period of time in the United States. I moved across the continents to be with my loved one as I had nothing else in my mind as if everything else was irrelevant. I dropped out from college and moved to a country that I had not visited before – a language that is completely unfamiliar to me – a city that is drastically less international than any of the places I have lived before – just so I can be with him. We spent a weekend in Budapest and then traveled to Osijek, Croatia, where we will live for an uncertain amount of time. I felt content at the very beginning. Then slowly, ghosts from the sinking ships and heavenly basements popped by and dropped a bomb in my lungs, a bomb that had been planted in my heart with my knowledge and permission as long as it would never be used. What a pitiful man, the ghosts must have been thinking when I said I know things will be difficult, but I will be happy, I will be happy to be finally with him. He will explode, they sang in the choir. It was their newest hit. Their only hit, some people would argue. One of their many hits, I would say.
-- (before they began to sing)

Buda & Pest is a couple that I am jealous of

They fit together more than perfectly – their insane love for each other and for others around them makes you feel simply astoundingly good – a swirl from the Soviet Union pays a visit in the shape of old Ladas and it brings a smile upon your face thinking such a thing as Communism existed in this country. Buda is the more gorgeous one in the eyes of Pest and Pest is the more gorgeous one in Buda’s sight and together they are more than gorgeous. Hungarian words running from one street to another, foreigners unable to catch them, it is like a secret, a sweet, innocent secret passage that harms no one. However, the words that Buda & Pest say to each other – words through smiles, looks, touching – is understood by everyone who ever sees them together.

One night Buda holds Pest when he sleeps, another night Pest holds Buda when he sleeps and the cycle continues for the rest of their lives. They never get tired of each other, although they have seen everything and nothing about each other yet there is suddenly always something new every day, maybe something little such as Buda actually enjoys a certain kind of typeface while Pest knows how to say good morning in Swedish. Milan, Chicago, Zagreb, every single city, town, village, soul and heart, they all know that
Buda & Pest are just meant to be –
Just like you & me.

Buda: The streetlights make buildings, pavements, windows, the whole world bright.
Pest: But who lights them up?
Buda: You do, my love.

There is no better place to be with your loved one than on a street that is lit by two of you.

Buda: You are beautiful.
Pest: You are beautiful.
Therefore Budapest is more than beautiful.

Take the hand of your loved one when you cross the street – you will feel like you can cross everything together.

Buda & Pest say things that most the people are not used to say – at least sixteen times a day and with such a strong passion every single time.

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